Compactors are used to produce flakes or briquettes to be crushed in a dedicated equipment to produce granules.

Size of final granules can be from 0.3 mm up to 10 mm according to the final applications. Final granules size are chosen by the mesh from the screen, needed in the granulation line, to extract the good particle size.

Horizontal-fed presses
  • B050 lab press and sizer.
Horizontal-fed presses

From 0.3 to 5 t/h:

  • B220B
  • B400B
Vertical-fed presses

Choice of gravity or force fed for all units.

DH series for an output from 3 t/h up to 50 t/h or more :

  • DH300
  • DH400
  • DH450
  • DH500

E series for an output from 3 t/h up to 20 t/h or more :

  • E30
  • E48
  • E60