EURAGGLO is going to participate to ILA 2022 conference

We are pleased to announce our presence at the ILA conference to be held October 12-14th in Paris.


The International Lime Association (ILA) was founded in 1970 in Paris by national lime associations and lime product manufacturers from Belgium, Finland, Germany, Japan, South Africa, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. Over the decades, ILA has grown significantly and today has 35 members worldwide.

The objective of ILA is to share information and experience on all topics of interest to the global lime industry. These include the fields of environment, health and safety, economy and international cooperation, science, technology, research and standardization. However, ILA does not have a normative objective.



EURAGGLO offers briquetting, compaction and granulation processes based on the technology of tangential wheel presses and compactors. This process allows the agglomeration of different types of quicklime, calcic or dolomitic.

The briquettes produced can then be used in steel applications or in the manufacture of refractories. The same raw materials can be compacted-granulated for agricultural or environmental use.