EURAGGLO at the Vrac Tech Show 2023: Pioneering Agglomeration and Granulation Solutions for Bulk Materials Management

Vrac Tech 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of bulk materials management, staying updated with the latest techniques and technologies is paramount. EURAGGLO, with its rich legacy of designing, manufacturing, and installing state-of-the-art agglomeration and compaction equipment, is once again set to make a remarkable presence at the Vrac Tech Show 2023.

EURAGGLO: Shaping the Future of Bulk Materials Management

Since 1992, EURAGGLO has been at the forefront of innovation in agglomeration and granulation equipment. Our expertise covers the complex process of agglomeration, which aims to increase the size of finely divided solids or powders through the use of pressure with the possible addition of binders. Our expertise in granulation also enables us to produce pellets of different sizes after a compaction stage.

With our presses proudly made in France, EURAGGLO is committed to offering first-class solutions for a wide range of applications involving bulk materials.

Spotlight on the Vrac Tech Show 2023

1. When & Where?
The much-anticipated 7th edition of the Vrac Tech Show is scheduled for November 28-30, 2023. This year, the event will unfold in Douai, Hauts-de-France.

2. What’s the Focus?
The event predominantly shines a light on industrial handling and management of bulk materials, be they solid, liquid, or powder.

3. Who Will Be There?
With around 350 exhibitors expected, participants can look forward to a comprehensive presentation of solutions for different industrial sectors (steel, mining, fertilisers, etc.).

EURAGGLO at Vrac Tech Show: What to Expect?

As pioneers in the field, EURAGGLO is excited to showcase our latest innovations in briquetting, compaction-granulation systems, and comminution units based on roller-press technology.

Join us at the Vrac Tech Show 2023 as we come together to shape the future of industrial handling and management of bulk materials!