Customer satisfaction: our priority !


This year, we have sent a satisfaction survey to our customers in order to collect their opinions and feedback on our products and services.

It is important for us to collect these comments from our customers in order to have an objective opinion that allows us to question ourselves and to measure the relevance of our different actions.


First of all, it is with great pleasure that we can affirm that:

  • 93% of our customers who responded to the survey are satisfied with our products and services.
  • 93% are satisfied with our availability and the follow-up we provide at their request.
  • More precisely, 85% of our customers have a very positive opinion on our commercial skills, 89% on our technical skills and 83% on our on-site interventions.
  • 96% of our clients would work with us again for their agglomeration project and would recommend us to their peers.


We are happy to provide our customers with quality products and follow-up, and we are constantly trying to improve by considering the opinions and feedback of each of them.