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About Euragglo

EURAGGLO is the European Division of the K.R.KOMAREK Inc. group.
K.R.KOMAREK Inc. is one of the world leaders in the engineering and construction of briquetting presses and compactors.
The group, apart from its European Division, has 2 production and Research/Development units installed in WOOD DALE (Illinois) near Chicago and in ANNISTON (Alabama) located between Atlanta and Birmingham, and sales offices in Kazakhstan,China, Korea, Australia, South Africa...
The KOMAREK Inc. group is active worlwide and has installed more than 500 briquetting presse and compactors since 1968 in more than 40 countries.

History :

January 1993Creation of EURAGGLO S.A.
January 1994Construction of the first mobile briquetting unit.
April 1997K.R. KOMAREK Inc. becomes a shareholder in EURAGGLO S.A.
1998EURAGGLO becomes the exclusive distributor of RUF presses in France.
January 2000Installation of EURAGGLO in its new head office in Quiévrechain, near Belgium.
December 2001K.R.KOMAREK holds majority stocks in EURAGGLO S.A.
January 2009K.R KOMAREK moves to new facility in Wood Dale(Illinois).
June 2009New pilot press type DH 400 in Quiévrechain.
2011Creation of the group Fertiprocess association of companies in the fertilizer area.
2012Creation of the Polish subsidiary KES East Europe in Poland.
2013Expansion of pilot plant in Quiévrechain, new engineering office.
201926 years servicing our customers